Early spring morning by river Helge, Scania.

Helge Å / River Helge in northeastern Scania offer photogenic environments where it is always nice to return to. This is the largest river in Scania measured in terms of water volume. It passes Östra Göinge where my pictures are taken and reaches the sea near Åhus, south of Kristianstad.

The air is slightly humid and the sun rises across the river providing for different settings during the early hours. In the autumn crispiness of the air creates hazy conditions but last week the air was clear and the sun found the river banks creating a glowing feeling.

For autumn pictures please visit our earlier blogposts. In northeastern Scania you can also find Swedens southernmost wilderness areas. The below pictures give some understanding of that particular environment.

While the western river bank is flooded with light the eastern side is partly in the shadows.

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