How to mingle for business

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Företagsmässan SAK in Malmö last week.
SAK (Swedish Business and Career Network) is the largest business community network with LinkedIn, Sweden. Their annual pop-up B-to-B business fair, promoted over Facebook, is organized in 10 cities and designed to meet the needs of both new and established business enterprises that want to strengthen their brands and take new business initiatives.

This well-organized event in Malmö attracted 83 exhibitors and 900 visitors this year. The concept that SAK has put up is most appealing due to its (cost) effectiveness limiting the time for mingling to 4 hours including breakfast. The “mingling zone” and lecture forum provide for a compact arena where participants can exchange thoughts, enquire and make proposals, take part in contests, try-outs as well as special offers. The presentations covered three practical topics giving valuable hints to the audience: “How To Manage The Press, TV and Radio”, “10 Tips on Effective Personal Presentation” and “New Features on MS Office”.
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