Thousands of Common Cranes Lured by Scanian Wetlands

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The spring arrives with the common crane

The Western European population of common crane has expanded over recent years and the number of migrating birds over Scania has therefore also increased. The spring passage in the end of March and early April bring large flocks from Southern Europe to rest and feed at the fields of Pulken. The daily count can be up to 7000 birds that normally stay for 3 days or longer, depending on the weather conditions, before they continue their flight further north.

The cranes look for both safe waters and a chance to feed on newly sowed barley and wheat fields. Without taking protective measures the growing number of visiting cranes causes damages to the farmers. Therefore the farmers have, in collaboration with the authorities, started feeding the birds on designated fields whereby some 500 - 700 kg's of harvested barley seed is spread out mechanically every day.

The feeding of the birds brings them together and offers a magnificent show of dancing birds that attract both domestic and international visitors. Professional photographers show up early in the morning followed by the larger audience later in the day. Pulken provide for good parking space and a bird watching tower with an excellent view of the birds. The area is easily approached and suitable for disabled persons, too. Representatives from the Vattenriket's biosphere organization and the local bird association provide for telescopes and information to the visitors. A field camera is separately sending live pictures through the Internet. For access please visit the website of Kristianstad's Vattenriket. A specific buss excursion to the sight is also organized

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