This website has become a focal point of my social network activity that now include several links to ARTICLES, PHOTOS, SLIDESHOWS and BOOK(s) giving the visitor a chance to use the services he or she prefers most. If in doubt feel free to contact for instructions. Happy viewing!
Besides browsing photos and reading this personal blog visitors can now also use the LINKS section or go directly from the HOME page to several new sites including WORDPRESS, QUORA, EZINEARTICLES or REDDIT that feature recently written ARTICLES over Scania. The most recent about Öresundsregionen has been submitted to EzinerArticles and should be released hopefully soon. You can leave your comments on any of these websites for my attention. Automatic feeding will also make sure that the articles appear e.g. on TWITTER.

PHOTOS can be viewed on this main site but also on and All these sites offer slightly different services including also rating opportunities that I would appreciate if you care to use. The BLOGS on Andalusia and Scania with BLOGGER will continue to exist but carry short stories only featuring pictures from venues that might not pop up anywhere else. Some pictures may also appear on e.g. EzineArticles.

PHOTO BOOKS can be browsed as before from the LINKS section of this website. Additionally some SLIDESHOWS can be viewed. ENJOY!