Early springtime in Mijas mountains

Yellow, blue and green are the main colors in early March.
I have a favorite PhotoHiking track in Mijas mountains. It is the track marked with red signs. It passes the old Ermita above Mijas Pueblo, climbs a fair bit and then follow the slopes midway providing excellent views both up and down the mountains. The shoreline and the sea is clearly visible with magnificent views and the sun is following you on your journey. You will move down the ravines and up again. This time of the year lavender and rosemary start to blossom and the first flowers appear. Later on you would experience a young forest of eucalyptus trees that let the sun shine through the foliage giving away a golden shimmery. A very beautiful track indeed with possibilities to rest and have a sip of water with a light snack. I normally spend some 5 hours on this track but you can stay longer depending on your photographic intent. The sun would set behind the mountains further away.