Reconnaissance to Axarquia

East and northeast of Málaga is a region called Axarquia.
Axarquia, east and northeast from Málaga, is slightly off the A7 and comprises villages like Torrox, Frigiliana, Cómpeta,Comares and Colmenar. Some of these are located in more remote areas where tourists may not easily find their way. Frigiliana, off course, is different with an interesting Moorish Old Town and not too far fro the main road. The area is larger than we expected and the road network "curly" as Mrs. T would say. Therefor moving around is more time consuming than one would expect. We had time to visit Frigiliana and Cómpeta. In Cómpeta we run into an olive oil producer that offer its services to the neighboring olive farms. They also have an outlet and one might say that "we struck oil" by buying 10 litres of their excellent smooth low acidic olive oil. Also we could not resist their locally produced sweet wine and honey. An interesting region well worth another visit.