London at Christmas 2013

Away from established traditions
Since our move to Spain our family is living geographically separated which makes it necessary to revise e.g. christmas traditions. This opens up possibilities to experience new things together or separated what seems best for each and everyone. Our son decided to spend the christmas with his fiancées family in the Finnish Archipelago which is a new christmas experience for him. My wife and I decided to invite our daughter to a special treat in London. Besides shopping our program included Fine Dining at Royal Albert Hall followed by christmas carols at the main hall. This building is the dream of Prince Albert dating back to mid 19th century. The first hall was ready 1871 and after several minor refurbishments the largest and most expensive took place end of 1990's and finished by 2004. See the pictures from this venue at "Latest Pictures" and do visit the place if you have a chance. We also experienced the musical "We Will Rock You" (Queen) and visited the Magical Kingdom in Hyde Park. On Christmas Day we participated in a "London Walks" tour following the steps of Charles Dickens. This started at the Trafalgar Square and the walk itself lasted for some two hours. As this is a themed walk there is less walk and more talk. The life of history as it took place in the neighborhood of Covent Garden was interestingly put forward by an experienced guide. Very interesting and well worth the time and expenditure. One photo is displayed at the "Latest Pictures" section. We thoroughly enjoyed our very different christmas this year. London showed us a new perspective and reminded that there are many unknown aspects to be discovered.