PhotoHiking Malaga Mountains

Parque Natural Montes de Málaga
This first time hike to the Eastern Malaga mountains was planned earlier when I managed to get hold of the relevant map for the region. To get there you need to find the A7000 (old C345) and drive north. The area is large and has a good selection of HikingTracks. I was out for macroshooting so I followed track A371 which is a circular track. From the main road turn towards El Cerrado where there is a hotel and good parking opportunity. The track starts right outside the hotel and would take the hiker an hour and twenty minutes to clear but for a photographer this would not be enough. It took me at last that much to get half way and to the highest part of the track. From there you can see the whole of Málaga. Half way I could spot the rain approaching so I continued for as long as I cold but then had to give in and pack the camera away and cover myself. The other part of the track is downhill but rated as medium hard as it gets steep in some places. Anyway, a very nice environment and worth another visit e.g. in the spring. A couple of shots can be found in the GALLERY section under "Small & Creepy".