Building a Clikpic website

Clikpic will be a new way of building my profile in the photographic world.
Having obtained my first ever digital camera in spring 2012 I have been busy taking a lot of pictures in different circumstances and learned basics on handling the photos first with Nikon's own programs and lately with Lightroom 4. I have picked up a strong liking for macrophotography and would like to learn more about HDR work. Facebook served me for a while and I also have some pictures in Flickr and 500px but I hope that my own website will provide a better opportunity to administer my own pictures and link with other photographers. When I am writing this the site is not yet public but I hope to have it ready early January after consulting the service provider in order to finalize the layout and talked with friends about the content and aim of the site.

My preliminary idea is to "discuss" (through pictures) contrasts between Large Cities & Small Mountain Villages, Sea & Land, Highland & Lowland, Warm & Cold Climates, Old & New etc. As a native Finn I presently live in Andalucia with my wife and we have travelled this part of the world actively and taken a load of photos that are going to be used, not only for this site, but for our Annual Yearbook and other printed matter. We also hope to write a book about "Andalucia our Way" in the near future.

We are going to appreciate all new contacts in the world of photography and welcome your input.