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How to mingle for business


Business networks make the world go around and they are to be found extensively and for countless purposes. They innovate new solutions, produce goods and services, build capital, educate, invest, recruit, forms alliances and much more. They all are reciprocal and have one thing in common: people and word of mouth be it in spoken or written form. Successful long-term networks are always based on mutual trust, confidence and ability to create business opportunities with a win-win attitude. ...more

DRAKAMÖLLAN - A Country Hotel with Authentic Local Traditions


Drakamöllan – a hidden gem for all to enjoy

Drakamöllan offer authentic culinary traditions, unforgettable musical experiences and stylish accommodation in a magical rural setting with first class service in modernized 19th century facilities. In addition Österlen as a region offer many attractions and local artists display and sell their unique artwork and design. Every year in March a renowned antiquities fair is organized that is worth visiting. All this has impressed national as well as international visitors, including a demanding Japanese clientele that know what they are looking for. Drakamöllan can be reached in less than two hours from Copenhagen international airport. For more information please visit ...more

Tales of legendary Scanian Aqua Vitae


Swedish schnapps is strongly linked with one man, L.O. Smith, who saw the market opportunity, formed partnerships with large producers and as a young man, aged around 30, controlled half of the sales of raw liquor in the whole country. He was also the one to introduce modern production technology with fractional distillation without having to use fusel alcohol that created impurities and bad taste. The new product was called “Tenfold Purified Vodka” but was later changed to “Absolutely Pure Vodka”. Eventually, in 1979 the brand ABSOLUT VODKA was launched to become worlds 4th largest international spirit brand selling in 126 countries. ...more



This website has become a focal point of my social network activity that now include several links to ARTICLES, PHOTOS, SLIDESHOWS and BOOK(s) giving the visitor a chance to use the services he or she prefers most. If in doubt feel free to contact for instructions. Happy viewing! ...more

Wants Castle, a Showplace for Contemporary Art - Where History, Nature and Art Unite


Today Wanås Castle is privately owned and on the grounds operates both Wanås Estate and Wanås Art. Wanås Estate is active in forestry and agriculture, hunting and property management. Next to this beautiful white medieval castle, in a unique setting including the castle park and the wonderful bright beech forest, some 50 site-specific permanent contemporary sculptures are at display around the year.

Article Source: ...more



From established routines to a time of self evaluation,
In search of new opportunities and a reorganized mindset.
Peregrinating in search of internal growth, balance and happiness.
Together, for a changed direction and new dimensions in our lives. ...more

Kristianstad, in Scania, Converts a Risk into a Major Opportunity


Kristianstad, a former bastion by the sea, threatened by weather conditions.
Approches UNESCO and creates Vattenriket that becomes a tourist magnet.
A nature walk in the footsteps of Carl von Linné.

Including pictures: ...more

Ale's Stones


A stoneship formation in southeastern Scania. ...more

Forsakar Nature Reserve


Forsakar is a ravine built by, as the legends say, by giants and situated in eastern Scania in Sweden. ...more

Photographing Skåne


By now we have been able to travel throughout Skåne and covered many interesting sites. ...more

Ronda Serrania: Ubrique and other small mountain villages


Temperatures are still only 6 degrees centigrade at an altitude of 1450 meters delaying the onset of spring. ...more

Spring colors at La Conceptión, Málaga.


Gardeners are busy preparing Jardin Botánico-Histórico la Conceptión in Málaga. ...more

EL Chorro, mountain climbers paradise


Ever dreamed of mountain climbing? ...more

TRAVEL PhotoBook of the Year 2014


Andalucia Our Way has been chosen PhotoBook (Travel) of the Year. ...more

Early springtime in Mijas mountains


Yellow, blue and green are the main colors in early March. ...more

Jardin Historico-Botanico Málaga


A magnificent garden for all nature enthusiasts. ...more

Reconnaissance to Axarquia


East and northeast of Málaga is a region called Axarquia. ...more

London at Christmas 2013


Away from established traditions ...more

PhotoHiking Malaga Mountains


Parque Natural Montes de Málaga ...more

Andalucia Our Way


A blog on our Andalucian exploration. ...more

Building a Clikpic website


Clikpic will be a new way of building my profile in the photographic world. ...more

New Photos


In July 2015 I had the pleasure of following my son to Bovington Tankfest in Dorset UK. Under the section Photo Series you can find a selection of the pictures taken from this event. Pictures include footage on tanks, demo war show and ground positions. Additionally some new pictures on our return via London has been put under City Hopping / United Kingdom. These pictures include a modern skyline image of London and the H.M.S. Belfast on river Thames.